Upcast is an innovative digital publishing company that markets a unique series of iPad applications offering users a new approach to comparing and presenting various products. We also provide white-label solutions to manufacturers, dealerships, and other businesses seeking to create the ultimate sales tool for their product range. Our app engine can be modified and adapted to run online and under all modern operating systems.
JetBook was launched in 2011 as the first Upcast digital product and quickly became one of the most popular sources of information for business aviation professionals. It introduced the key concepts that remain at the core of Upcast products to this day: every app has to be informative and good-looking, while its users should be able to quickly find the information they need and easily compare different products to each other.
TurboBook is a must-have aircraft guide for corporate and private owners seeking to buy or replace existing business turboprops. It also contains comparable light jets that may be considered within the same budget. The app features the same functionality as the other Upcast aircraft guides, including interactive range maps and side-by-side comparisons.
From tiny two-seat piston machines to luxurious helicopters with stand-up cabins and jet-like amenities, HeliBook has them all: around 50 models that can be used for private, VIP, and corporate flying. Its unique functionality alongside detailed specifications and floorplans makes the app the only such source of information in the world.
Private piston aircraft owners have quite a lot to choose from, and PropBook features detailed specifications, beautiful photographs, and other information on all major models currently in production or in development. Range maps for fully loaded and empty aircraft give a good idea of what to expect under different operating conditions.
CarBook is our most recent development and sees us taking a step in a new direction. We decided to start with supercars, because, at the end of the day, everyone loves supercars. Some of the aviation features don’t make sense here, so we replaced them with ones that do, such as moving bars in the comparison. Check out the fastest four-wheeled beauties in the universe while we work on adding other classes as updates or in-apps.
Using our technology, you can create a unique presentation and sales tool for your products, running on any platform and featuring almost any features you may want to add.

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